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9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (formerly BIONETICS)

December 3–5, 2015 | New York City, New York, United States




You are cordially invited to participate in BICT 2015 to be held at Columbia University, NY, USA, in December 2015.

Sponsored by EAI, ACM SIGSIM, ACM SIGEVO, ACM SIGAPPDepartment of Biomedical Engineering at the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Bremen and CREATE-NET, BICT 2015 aims to provide a world-leading and multidisciplinary venue for researchers and practitioners in diverse disciplines that seek the understanding of key principles, processes and mechanisms in biological systems and leverage those understandings to develop novel information and communications technologies (ICT). BICT 2015 targets two thrusts:

THRUST 1: Indirect Bioinspiration (ICT designed after biological principles, processes and mechanisms). Examples include evolutionary computation, artificial gene regulatory networks, neural networks/computation, swarm intelligence, cellular automata, artificial immune systems, amorphous computing, artificial life, artificial chemistry, reaction-diffusion computing, self-organization, chaotic systems, social networks, game theory, computational epidemics, agent-based modeling, and nature-inspired models and calculi.

THRUST 2: Direct Bioinspiration (ICT utilizing biological materials and systems). Examples include biosensing, molecular assembly, cellular computing, molecular computing/communication, membrane computing, bacterial computing/communication, DNA computing and memory, Physarum computing, quantum computing, biometric security/authentication, brain-computer interfaces and energy harvesting from biological sources.

BICT will feature the state-of-the-art keynote speeches, parallel technical sessions, focused special tracks, interactive demo/poster sessions, informative co-located workshops and entertaining social functions. Here are several important notes and announcements:


Dmitri Chklovskii, Simons Foundation, USA
Title: Similarity matching: a bioinspired approach to machine learning
Date and Time: 3:00-4:00, 12/3 (Thu)

Adriana Compagnoni, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Title: A Computational Modeling Platform for Biomedical Systems
Date and Time: 2:00-3:00, 12/3 (Thu)
Simon Garnier, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University, USA
Title: Living Architectures: Autonomous Self Assembly and Disassembly in Army Ants
Date and Time: 8:00-9:00, 12/5 (Sat)

Emanuela Merelli, University of Camerino, Italy
Title: The Topological Field Theory of Data: a program towards a novel strategy for mining data through data language
Date and Time: 3:00-4:00, 12/4 (Fri)

Bud Mishra, New York University, USA
Title: The Internet of the Future: From Codons to Coding
Date and Time: 8:00-9:00, 12/4 (Fri)

Toshiyuki Nakagaki, Hokkaido University, Japan
Title: Adaptive dynamics for shape optimization inspired by the use-and-growth rule in a simple organism of slime mold
Date and Time: 2:00-3:00, 12/4 (Fri)

Kazuhiro Oiwa, National Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Japan
Title: Dynamic Alignment and Millimeter-scale Vortex Formation of Microtubules Driven by Different Types of Dynein
Date and Time: 2:00-3:00, 12/5 (Sat)
Maurizio Porfiri, New York University, USA
Title: Fish' n' robots: not a take out food
Date and Time: 9:00-10:00, 12/4 (Fri)
Yechiam Yemini, Columbia University, USA
Title: The Puzzles of Task and Resource Scheduling in Cell Networks
Date and Time: 8:15-9:15, 12/3 (Thu)



George Azzopardi, University of Malta, Malta
Title: COSFIRE: A brain-inspired approach to visual pattern recognition
Date and Time: 14:15-15:00, 12/4 (Fri)
Antonio Rodriguez-Sanchez, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Title: A discussion on Deep Learning, Convolutational Neural Networks and Sparse coding
Date and Time: 10:15-11:00, 12/4 (Fri)



BICT 2015 provides a limited number of student participation grants. Full-time students are qualified to apply. See this page for more details. The application deadline is October 22.